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Mey-Tech have been working with the footwear industry for over 15 years. We have experience in using foam materials, thermal, woven textiles, laminated nylons, non-woven, silks and satins fabrics are all used within the footwear market.


Footwear is a complex industry. It's products vary from needing to look stylish, coping with high demands such as weather, salt, petrol and other pollutants and in many cases style and practicially need to be combined. Mey-Tech has worked with the footwear industry for over 15 years and often developed new ways, adhesives and textiles to solve complex problems.


Laminated textiles utilising woven and non-woven fabrics, PVC’s foam and PU’s are used in boot socks, boot linings, shoe linings and much more for protection, durability, comfort and style.

Mey-Tech laminating machine in factory

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