• Foam Backcoating

Foam Backcoating

Foam backcoating is used on many products where extra comfort is needed or a substrate is required to assit with durability and stability. We have been foambacking products for over 15 years.

Mey-Tech state-of-the-art foam backing machine


We have nine machines capable of foam back coating. Our 2 shift operation ensures fast turnaround. Foam backcoating can be integrated with multi-layer laminating.


Foam backcoated end use products include wheelchair seating pads, household furniture, seat covers, shoes and much more.

foam backing sample

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Mey-Tech were excellent in meeting my needs and expectations. Fantastic product and service.

We rate the overall service provided by Mey-Tech to be excellent. Very nice company to deal with.

Always get a good, quick response to new enquiries. Order dealt with quickly and efficiently.

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