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what is the clean room?

Our Class 8 clean room is used in many industries but primarily medical and pharmaceutical where small particles can adversely affect the manufacturing process.


Our Class 8 clean room is capable of working with industries that require a product to be produced in a controlled environment, with the ability to control air pressure, air temperature and filter out contaminating air particles. We are able to deliver a high degree of quality and control for products that are used in medical devices and feminine hygiene products within the pharmaceutical industry.

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Quality Management

Consistency of product and service has ensured Mey-Tech customers remain with us. Quality is the major contributing factor to the Mey-Tech success. Mey-Tech have been awarded ISO 9001:2015. This award demands that the company demonstrates the ability to consistently provide products and service that meet customer and regulatory requirements.

Visit our Accreditations page to view our ISO 9001:2015 certificate>

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