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Working from our 45,000 sq. ft. maufacturing facility, we are the largest commercial laminating company in the UK. Our services include Contract Laminating, Contract Cutting, Thermal Moulding and Embossing as well as our on site, state-of-the-art Class 8 Clean Room.

Contract Laminating

With nine lamination lines all offering different processing features we have the capability to laminate a huge range of products. Mey-Tech contract lamination services are used in automotive, technical textiles, medical, cosmetic, household, footwear and flooring industries.

Mey-Tech laminating machine

State-of-the-art contract cutting machine

Contract Cutting

Mey-Tech has die-cut presses for use on parts, which we have laminated and blanked. Our precision CNC cutting is ideal for end uses where precise outcomes are required. We have two die cutting and two CNC machines.

Thermal Moulding and Embossing

We have two thermal moulding and embossing machines. Both are capable of embossing or moulding components either as a product in itself of after multi-layer laminating of prior to CAD cutting, slitting or die cutting.

Mey-Tech thermal moulding and embossing machine

Mey-Tech Class 8 clean room

Clean Room

Our Class 8 clean room is dedicated to working with the medical and pharamceutical industry and stocks a full range of foam and felt specifically for these industries.

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We are the largest commercial laminating company in the UK

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